The lame walking, deaf ears opened, witches being radically transformed into disciples, a naked and chained demoniac being delivered and returned to his family, entire villages coming to salvation, many being fed and clothed, hundreds of prisoners being set free by God's amazing grace, life-giving water being distributed...

These are not miracles recounted in the pages of the book of Acts, but rather the current experiences of students and graduates of Livingstone Mission Center (“LMC-Africa”). God is moving like a mighty rushing wind through the continent, into the marginalized rural areas, into the urban slums, into the prison cells, and even into the darkest regions of Islam and animism…

Be part of the amazing story being written in Africa by the Holy Spirit, a story of rescue and redemption, a story of acceptance and affirmation, a story of the relentless pursuit of God, indeed the greatest love story of all…

We are seeking:

Partner churches, businesses, civic organizations, Bible study groups, prayer groups, families, singles, etc that are being prompted by the Holy Spirit to participate in the vision of Livingstone Mission Center (“LMC-Africa”) to preach the Gospel, make disciples and provide practical support & training to indigenous Rural Evangelists & Church Planters that are reaching the rural villages of Southern Africa with the Gospel and practical demonstrations of the Father’s love – compassionately serving the marginalized, neglected and forgotten ones of rural Africa.

How can you participate in bringing light and hope into darkness and despair?


If God lays the burden of prayer for this Mission on your heart, please contact us and let us know so that we can coordinate & communicate the current focuses (or is it foci) for prayer. E-Mail Rozanne at


Come on a short-term Mission trip with us. Experience the reality of ministering to the neglected & downtrodden, those who live in a culture of hopelessness. Help to bring the Gospel, education, job-skills & entrepreneurial training, water, food reserves and most importantly, hope for the future! If you are interested in being part of a short-term mission trip, e-mail David at for further details.


As you can imagine the financial needs of the ministry are many & diverse. Ultimately, however, God is our provider. Since we launched LMC-Africa in March of 2006 we have never experienced financial lack – to God be the glory!

God uses each of us to provide for the Kingdom work. No matter how large or small our contribution is – it is vitally important to the growth & sustaining of the work. Our heart in giving is much more important than the amount we give (think ‘Widow’s mite’) – You must each decide in your heart how much to give. And don’t give reluctantly or in response to pressure. ‘For God loves a person who gives cheerfully‘” [2 CORINTHIANS 9:7 NLT]

Become a Financial Partner with LMC-Africa online –

Sign up online to pledge on a monthly basis – REMEMBER any monthly amount helps! – You can also contribute a one-time donation online or designate how you would like your contribution directed.

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**98% of your giving goes directly to supporting the mission in Africa and all gifts are Tax Deductible.