So many of us have grown frustrated with our walk with God. He seems so distant! Things are deteriorating so rapidly in the world, yet God seems so absent, removed or disinterested.  Why isn’t He speaking to us anymore? Why isn’t He blessing our lives, why isn’t He responding to our prayers for healing, or finances, or salvation for our family or our friends? Why does the church suddenly seem so irrelevant to my children and even to me? There are various answers to these genuine heart cries heard from many believers, but the overarching issue in the church in America was prophesied by Jesus, as found recorded in Revelation 2:4, “But I have this against you, that you have left your first love (“agape“).” The answer is clear and the solution is profound. Paul in I Corinthians 12:31 calls it “…the more excellent Way.”

The “more excellent Way” is quite simply a passionate pursuit of greater intimacy with our triune God. Andrew Murray in his ground-breaking devotional “Teach Me to Pray“, describes it this way, “We were made for God, to seek Him, to find Him, to grow up into His likeness and ultimately to show forth His Glory – in the fullest sense to be His dwelling place on the earth, His tabernacle. The secret of true adoration can only be known by the soul that gives time to tarry in God’s presence and that will yield itself to God for Him to reveal Himself to…What is the most profitable thing that a person can do every day? Nothing less than to seek, to know, to love and to praise God for Himself”

It is a great step forward into the abundant life that God has reserved for us, when we truly see this and consider fellowship with God every day as the chief end of our lives. Take the time to ask yourself whether truly knowing and loving Him is the utmost desire of your heart. For if it isn’t, your Christian walk is doomed to insipidness. If knowing Him and loving Him in greater  intimacy is the true passion of your soul, you can be certain that in return God greatly desires that you should live out this intimate fellowship with Him. It is only as the soul bows itself before Him in honor and reverence that the heart will be opened to receive the divine impression of the nearness of God and the working of His Power in our lives. Alone with God – that is the secret to an abiding intimacy through which we become partakers of the abundant (GREEK – ‘perisseuo‘ which means ‘superabound in quality or quantity’, ‘flow in excess’, ‘exceed’, ‘excel’) life that God has reserved for each of us.

A successful spirit-filled Christian life and service will only emerge out of a deep, intimate, loving and abiding relationship with Jesus, through Holy Spirit. It all begins there. From that place of intimacy flows a fresh understanding of God’s amazing love for the world (John 3:16) and we become partners in His quest to reconcile every heart to Himself.