In 2005, Pastor David and Rozanne Newcombe, having traveled through South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe, and seeking God’s direction for ministry into the rural villages of Africa, were given a vivid vision from the Holy Spirit of a holistic missions approach rooted in the training, mentoring & discipling of indigenous Rural Evangelists & Church Planters. In March 2006, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Livingstone Mission Center (“LMC-Africa”) was birthed in a rented complex in Livingstone, Zambia.

The vision of LMC-Africa is to encourage the African church in rural and urban slum missions and to identify, train, mentor, disciple and establish indigenous missionaries, evangelists, and church planters to reach the rural villages and urban townships of Africa with the Father’s Love and practical assistance. To be ambassadors of reconciliation and of hope, and to plant a vision of the future into the hearts of Africa’s most marginalized, neglected and forgotten people. Through the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus and practical demonstrations of the compassionate heart of the Father, to bring hope, joy, peace and prosperity…

“And this Gospel of the Kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations (‘ethnos’ – ethnic groups) and then the end will come.”    (MATTHEW 24:13)

Bishop Felix & Namwiinga reside in Lusaka, Zambia and have been married for 26-years. They have been blessed with (4) sons (Nsofwa – 24; Milimo – 22; Tasheni – 14 and Benjamin – 8) and a daughter,  Masi – 20. They have been involved in Missions for the last 25-years and Felix was part of the 1st “LIVE SCHOOL” graduating class with the World Mission Centre in Pretoria, South Africa. Namwiinga is a consultant to non-governmental organizations, including the U.N., specializing in the area of the Holistic Development of Woman & Girls in the rural areas of Africa.

Their vision is to see the next generation of African Cross-cultural missionaries and leadership raised up through training, mentoring & discipleship.

Pastor Davy is LMC-Africa’s “LIVE SCHOOL”  coordinator and assists Bishop Felix in establishing and administrating the schools throughout Southern Africa. He and Maggie, a school teacher, were married in 2003 and have two children, a 12-year old son, Overcomer and a 6-year old little girl, Triumph, who was born while Davy was facilitating the LMC-Africa ‘LIVE SCHOOL’ in Mahalapye, Botswana.


Davy was called by the Lord into missions in 2000. After serving as an Associate Pastor in the City Harvest Church in Lusaka for 2-years, he worked with the Holy Hill Evangelistic ministry, Campus Crusade and Potter’s House in Eastern Zambia. In 2004, Davy was sent as a missionary into Mozambique where he planted a Potter’s House church in Tete among the Chewa and Nhungue people groups.

In 2009, Davy attended the LMC-Africa “LIVE SCHOOL” in Mahalapye, Botswana and in 2011 returned there to facilitate the school. He is a dynamic leader and a great example to the students and graduates of LMC-Africa.

Dan and Adrie are LMC-Africa’s Kazungula, Zambia, Base Camp Managers. This amazing couple are Zambian citizens and well-versed in rural missions in Africa, as well as being talented in a number of different areas. Dan is a retired Mine Training Manager and Adrie is gifted in both administration and organization. They have a great love for the African people and are active in reaching out to the local Pastors & Church Leaders in the area surrounding Kazungula.



Darryl & Janine Mather-Pike lead the ministry of “Emoyeni” ( in the Mpumalanga region of Eastern South Africa. The ministry owns and operates a working Macadamia nut farm, supports local ministries and has future plans to open a Pastoral Training Center and camp-site for underprivileged children on the farm property.

In 2017, Darryl planted the first Swazi-speaking LMC-Africa “LIVE SCHOOL” in the township Elukwatini, South Africa. Plans are in process to open (2) new “LIVE SCHOOL’s”, one in nearby Badplaas and the other in the nearby nation of Swaziland.

A 2010 LMC-Africa graduate, Sam married Tatenda in Zimbabwe, where they are both originally from. They moved to South Africa three years ago and relocated to the township of Mahikeng, near the historic town of Mafeking on the Botswana border, made famous by the 217-day defense of the town by 700 British soldiers and 300 townsmen against a Boer force of approximately 6,000 in 1899-90. It was during this siege that the Boy Scouts were founded by Colonel Baden-Powell.

In 2017, Sammy planted a new LMC-Africa “LIVE SCHOOL” in the township and has recently been traveling in the neighboring country of Namibia where he is scouting out a location for the first LMC-Africa “LIVE SCHOOL” in that nation.






Rich and Liz Monks are missionary / farmers in Mahalapye, Botswana. Their farm ‘Mizpah’ was host to the first 3-years of training for LMC-Africa. Students were taught the entire crop cycle from clearing the land, through plowing, fertilization, installing drip irrigation lines, planting weeding, pest control, and harvesting, all the way to selling the fresh produce in local markets. Students were also trained in animal husbandry, carpentry, horse-riding and bee-keeping.







In 2017, with the able assistance of Bishop Jakies Mojaki a new LMC-Africa “LIVE SCHOOL” was planted in Mahalapye and includes a number of key local Pastors & church leaders.

Percy, a 2007 LMC-Africa “LIVE SCHOOL” graduate, returned to Western Zambia after graduating from school, where he gained immediate favor with the senior chief of the region (who’s son, “Prince”, subsequently became an LMC-Africa “LIVE SCHOOL” graduate in 2009). He planted the Inyambo Mission station and LMC-Africa “LIVE SCHOOL” in the royal village of Mwandi. There is a tree nearby which was where Dr. David Livingstone preached under after crossing the Zambezi river into Zambia for the first time. Percy, subsequently started another LMC-Africa “LIVE SCHOOL” in Sesheke, Zambia, and is presently scouting out locations in Angola to start a third school.

Pastor Brian Seleta, a graduate of World Mission Centre’s “LIVE SCHOOL” Training Program, served for many years with Campus Crusade for Christ. He and his wife, Agnes live in Chipata, Zambia. They will be spearheading the LMC-Africa missions training program into the rural subsistence farming areas of Eastern Zambia and Western Malawi. Brian is also active in Prison Ministry and in combatting the Nyau animistic practices carried on by the Chewa people in this region.



Pastor Felix and Evelyn Sibunde (both graduates of LMC-Africa “LIVE SCHOOL” program) have established a farm in Sikaunze (about 20km west of Kazungula) in order to assist neighboring villages with vegetables and to finance their missions effort into the surrounding rural areas.

Fynn and Eunice (both LMC-Africa “LIVE SCHOOL” graduates) and their two year-old little boy, Katusha, are active in planting churches & establishing ‘bridge’ schools in the villages along the Livingstone-Mulobezi railway line. The first church plant of their ministry Voice of Salvation Outreach Ministries in Ngwesi-Matanki is well established, while a second church plant is underway in another nearby village, Bombwe.







Pastor James “Kimo” & Nathalie Bethea
Pastor Richard, CPA & Maureen Cook, RN
Pastor Jimmie & Dale Ervin
Mr. & Mrs. Robert, RPh & Janet Gardner, RN
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy & Vickie Garza
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas & Peggy McCall, PE
Bishop Felix & Namwiinga Mumbi
Pastor David & Rozanne Newcombe, CPA