Western Zambia




A few years ago, while attending the LMC-Africa “LIVE SCHOOL” in Mahalapye, Botswana, four of us students were sent to a rural village in south-central Zambia to complete our practicals before graduating in Kazungula, Zambia in August. Below is our report at the time :

“After walking for a few hours, we arrived at Simenso Village on Saturday, July 6th at around lunch time. The following day, Sunday, we went to the small hut that served as a church and worshipped with the congregation of 13, comprised of 3 families and their children. ‘Where two or three are gathered in My Name‘….the service was anointed and we all felt encouraged. After church we went through the village and spoke to people and 3 men gave their lives to the Lord and were saved.

We encouraged them to invite their neighbors to come and speak with us about Jesus and the next day, Monday, our supposed day of rest, we received so many people into the hut where we were staying, that we had to begin ministering outside. People were streaming in for prayer for healing and deliverance from demonic oppression.That was the beginning of the breaking of the spiritual ground for the outreach. From that day on, we shared to families of new converts in their homes and went from hut to hut telling them the Good News of Jesus Christ. At the end of the our 3-week stay in Simenso Village, through the Holy Spirit’s leading, over 140 people had come to salvation.

Among these new converts were (3) witch doctors and (1) insane person who received his sanity back and was saved along with his whole family, as well as (2) Priests from a Christian cult, the New Apostolic Church and several of their Deacons who came to us after an asthmatic man in their congregation had been instantly healed and received Jesus as his Lord and Saviour.

Many who had various diseases and sicknesses were healed and those demon possessed were delivered. A lot of people in this village fully believe in the power of the witch doctors and traditional healers to heal them, as there is no Health Clinic or Hospital in the area. The Lord led us to open up a healing clinic, where we believed God to heal every disease and deliver each one from oppression. The concept of the healing clinic really took off when the three witch doctors who had received Christ came and brought their fetishes and charms and dumped them at our feet to be destroyed and started referring their patients to the healing clinic to be touched by God.

Before being attended to at the healing clinic, the patients were first discipled. During the course of the discipleship process, we saw six women give their lives to intercession, including one of the former witch doctors. She was one of the chief witch doctors in the region. Her entire family of (15) gave their lives to God, after they saw the power and love of God working through her transformed life.

People came to the healing clinic from near and far on scotch carts pulled by oxen or donkeys, bicycling or walking long distances through the thick sand, and some even by canoe from the flood plains where they heard about what God was doing at the healing clinic. Then another witch doctor brought a man who had gone insane when one of the healing rituals had backfired. For the last 8-months the man had to be confined in chains. But God touched him and delivered him and his entire family gave their lives to the Lord.

By the time we prepared to leave after our 3-week stay in Simenso Village, two Shabeens (informal Bars) had closed down and without any prompting from us, those who had been healed, delivered and set free began to build a church. We recognized that our stay in the village had not only had an incredible spiritual impact on the villagers, but on us, too.

The last day we had a wonderful service with over 100 villagers in attendance. It was a time of great celebration and praise. There is a need for bibles in that region and for frequent follow-up outreaches to villages in this far flung area.

We are so grateful to Father God for permitting us to be part of what He is doing with the vision of LMC-Africa, reaching the tribes and nations of Southern Africa with the Father’s Love!

In His Love, Caleb, Tendai, Isaac and Cryvin Fire